Our Solutions

We offer well-founded, measurement backed up routing analytics to support both your day-to-day network operations and strategic development. Leverage our unified view into the Internet backbone and start exploring the unlimited potential of your networks.

Internet Intelligence

Study the Internet ecosystem

  • Monitor market trends and keep up with developing technologies
  • Find regional incumbent ISPs
  • Rank customers and competitors
  • Identify provider interrelations

Routing Assessment

Analyze the routing landscape

  • Evaluate Internet exchange points and regional peering facilities
  • Discover path alternatives and monitor critical failover routes
  • Find POPs and backbone routers

Network Monitoring

Operate a cyber situation room

  • Monitor critical infrastructures to detect anomalies and attacks
  • Check link stability and utilization
  • Identify failures and blackouts
  • Receive alerts in real-time

In addition to our tailored solutions for network exploration and routing analysis, we also provide scientific expertise on any network-related problems. Contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Use Cases

We offer a wide range of applications for communication-centric industries. If you are an Internet service provider, operate business-critical networking infrastructure, seek high-performance routing optimization, or have your focus on risk mitigation and threat analysis, we strive to help you growing your business.

Do you know your competitors and most promising prospects?
And what are their major assets and immediate needs?
How reliable are your upstream providers?
And how do you assess their regional connectivity?
Are your networks reachable as intended?
And how do you monitor routes, world-wide?
Do you have an emergency plan for blackouts?
And how do you counter route leaks or hijacking attacks?

At Leitwert, we conduct large-scale measurements from vantage points all around the globe. Our field-tested routing analytics provides the answers you seek.

Buy Raw Data

We offer plans for accessing raw path measurement data. Our rich routing data originates from active network probing on a continuous basis and is post-processed with scientifically backed up algorithms. If you have an integrated solution that lacks detailed routing insights, have a look at our customizable API solutions. Get in touch with us and request a sample of our rich data sets or ask for a free trial account to put our query API to the test. We will certainly provide you with a unique perspective into your networks.

Our Products

With Leitwert tools, you have access to versatile routing analytics. Our products are steered by a powerful cloud analysis engine and offer intuitive, Web-based visualization frameworks. Beside manifold results from control plane (BGP) and forwarding plane (IP) measurements, we also incorporate various meta data such as the geographic location of Internet participants.

Intelligence Agent

Monitor the Internet ecosystem

Observe new peering and transit links, analyze market trends, and filter your results by ISP, geography, and physical connection type.

Engage in peering reconnaissance

Study arbitrary ISPs, assess their strengths and weaknesses, visualize customer cones and transit routes, and identify competitive peer routes.

Attract more customers and traffic

List potential customers, prepare marketing arguments based on routing facts, and study the routing history of your prospects.

Peering Scout

Identify valuable peering partners

Search for mutuallly beneficial peers, anticipate routing changes, and evaluate potential performance gains as well as their risks.

Assess IXP locations

Evaluate the benefits of public peering, list available ASes at IXPs, and identify suitable interconnect sites to setup new POPs.

Diversify interconnections

Choose transit providers that fit your individual needs, reduce upstream costs, rate your peers by various metrics, and identify adverse routing agreements.

Anomaly Monitor

Assess routing anomalies

Study connectivity loss, identify routing loops, assess the impact of route leaks and identify originating and amplifying ISPs.

Detect hijacking attacks

Register networks for close monitoring, receive real-time alerts for hijacking and man-in-the-middle attacks, and evaluate countermeasures to mitigate ongoing events.

Build up your own situation room

Consolidate routing alerts, define responsive actions and escalation strategies, assemble tailored reports, visualize historical routing changes, and conduct forensic analyses.

Topology Explorer

Visualize IP-level topologies

Check the internal routing of peers and upstreams, evaluate load balancing, and identify bottlenecks and single points of failure.

Monitor your services

Rank IP links by latency, debug performance issues, trace MPLS tunnels, and visualize paths filtered by source, destination, and transit ISPs.

Have we aroused your interest? Get in touch and ask for our detailed technical whitepaper or request a quote based on your individual needs. Our routing experts will happily cooperate and discuss all of your requirements.

Measurement Policy

In order to provide you with rich routing data, we carry out large-scale network measurements on a periodic basis. Although we attach great importance to non-invasive probing, you might have felt disturbed by our measurements. Contact us and we will gladly cooperate with you to resolve any issues at hand. In the meantime, we encourage you to take a closer look at our measurement approach.

Traceroute — Our Approach

We randomly select measurement targets for each routed IP network by utilizing a combined view of more than a hundred BGP routing tables. After removing destinations that are listed on our well-maintained blacklist, we distribute the resulting targets to our world-wide network of dedicated servers. We then perform IP-based path measurements to all selected destinations by sending TCP packets to port 80. Note that we do not send or request any application data. In any case, we gracefully close connections with a TCP RST.

We are doing no harm!

Research and Development

We are closely tied to internationally renowned universities and commit ourselves to constantly advance the state-of-the-art on network measurements and analysis. Beside publishing in academic journals, we consider it our scientific responsibility to share our research with the public. On this page, we will regularly post updates on new measurement techniques and innovative evaluation algorithms, and we will thoroughly discuss our practical findings. You may also check out the news archive for a list of all previous articles.

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