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New website design

July 17, 2017 || Leitwert PR

Today, we launched our re-engineered website. Beside a fresh design, we significantly optimized responsiveness and page loading times. State-of-the-art web programming now offers new interactive features throughout all of our pages. Feel free to explore!


Leitwert moves to Ingolstadt

June 2, 2016 || Leitwert PR

We are moving to our new headquarters at the heart of Ingolstadt along the banks of the River Danube. A part of the Munich metropolitan area, we now reside half an hour south of the Bavarian capital. Stop by for a cup of coffee at any time!


Welcome on board

May 02, 2015 || Leitwert HR

We are reinforcing our team and welcome a senior network engineer, Leonhard Rabel, MSc., who is going to lead our new development division. We greatly look forward to working together on current and future projects. Thanks for joining the crew!


Best Paper Award

April 24, 2015 || Leitwert PR

Dr. Johann Schlamp has received the best paper award for his paper titled "Investigating the Nature of Routing Anomalies: Closing in on Subprefix Hijacking Attacks". He accepted the award at TMA'15 in Barcelona, Spain on behalf of all co-authors. Congratulations!


We are hiring!

January 07, 2015 || Leitwert HR

As an expanding technology company we are looking for new employees to add to our team. To complement our crew, we are currently seeking expert network engineers with advanced programming skills. Contact us if you are interested.